Christian Children's Fund
Christian Children's Fund
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For only 80 cents a day!
I sponsored two, in Santa Barbara county, Honduras

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I have made loans to hundreds of people in 49 countries.

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I have served over 500 hours with the American Red Cross.
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Adopt a homeless pet in your area - I did!

Unitarian Universalist Association

How to make a micro-loan:
(How to change the world without spending any money)

Min. Loan Amount = $25

I Recomend making Short Term Loans.
My favorite, Agracultrual loans, however,
usually require a longer commitment.

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Below is an example of messages recieved from Entrepreneurs

Dear Jason,

This is an update on your loan to Alinyikira Lending group in Uganda.

Although Nabanoba is just 25 years old, through experience, she has learnt to manage her loans from the time she joined her lending group until today and this is making it possible for her to manage her shop hence fulfilling her plans with her loans. This has enabled her to retain her customers because she always has what they need in stock due to the loans.

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